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Inumiyabi Karakusa Dog Leash

Inumiyabi Karakusa Dog Leash

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Inumiyabi Series (Japanese authentic design series)

A series suitable for everyday walks, ranging from ultra-small to medium-sized dogs. Features the P.S.S (Petio Safety Snap) with a side-slide lever structure to prevent sudden snaps. Perfect for any dog with a traditional Japanese design. Give your dogs something special.

Patented Petio Safety Snap (PSS) futures slide lever with Pin Misalignment Prevention Mechanism prevent sudden snap detachment while you are on walk. (*Expept Extra Small (SS))

Imported from Japan

*Karukusa - The arabesques of this Japanese pattern represents a plant endlessly growing and spreading in many different directions.  This pattern was introduced to Japan by China during the Nara period (710-794). Although it originally was just decorative, the Japanese made it the symbol of prosperity and longevity, and considered it as a lucky charm. It can also be associated with other plants or decorated with different flowers. The Karakusa pattern can be found on clothing but also on Japanese Furoshiki: cloth squares used to wrap and carry objects. 

Material: Polyester

Usage Precautions:

  • Be cautious as prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration of the fabric.
  • Please select based on your understanding of your dog's personality and nature.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • When disposing, follow the instructions of the local authorities.
  • While quality control is thorough, please contact the customer consultation room if you notice any issues.

Usage Instructions:

  • This product is for dogs. Do not use for any other animals.
  • To prevent accidents, do not use for dogs outside the applicable size and weight. However, if your dog tends to pull strongly, purchase a product with ample weight capacity after understanding your dog's behavior.
  • Do not use as a kei-ryu (tether) to keep your dog in a fixed place.
  • Be careful to prevent people or pets from ingesting fragments. In case of ingestion, consult with a physician.
  • Use this product correctly. We are not responsible for accidents resulting from incorrect usage, disassembly, repair, modification, etc.
  • If children use this product, adults must be present.
  • This product is consumable, so inspect it before use and consider replacing it with a new one if signs of wear such as fraying, fuzzing, or cracks become noticeable after around 6 months.
  • When pets bite or scratch, the product may cut or break. Do not use for dogs with a chewing habit.
  • If your dog dislikes it, do not force its use.
  • Be careful to prevent it from touching the ground, walls, etc.
  • There may be color fading due to water exposure, friction, etc. Pay particular attention to dogs with light fur colors.
  • Do not use or store near open flames or moisture.
  • Store out of reach of infants, children, individuals with dementia, and pets.

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