Soy Isoflavone in Tofu

Soy Isoflavone in Tofu

Isoflavones are one of unique nutrient Tofu contains. So what is IsoflavonesThe isoflavones and isoflavonoids found in soybeans have long been known to have antioxidant properties that decrease the tissue damage of normal cell metabolism. It is also known that human populations that consume foods high in these organic compounds have lower incidences of breast cancer and other common cancers. That's because they are plant-based ("phyto" means "from plants") and they have a similar structure to estrogen, which works to female hormones for anti-aging and maintaining female body.

According to Purina institute, Soy isoflavones have been proven to improve weight management in dogs. Purina research showed that dogs fed an isoflavone-enriched diet had reduced body fat accumulation and 50% less weight gain than dogs fed similar amounts of a control diet and increases daily energy expenditure.

Our Premium Free-Dried Tofu are purely made with soy milk. Your dogs will love this crunchy nutrient rich plant based protein treat!

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