Plant Based Protein

Plant Based Protein

Plant based protein is the protein found in plants only, not from fish or animals. 

Here is basic of plant based protein.

1. Less lipid than animal protein

Plant protein foods are low in fat compared to animal protein foods.

Our current world, which are dominated by meat, tend to be low in plant protein. It is necessary to be careful about a high-fat diet centered on meat, as it may cause lifestyle-related diseases such as dyslipidemia.

2. Contains plenty of dietary fiber

Plant-based protein foods are rich in fiber. On the other hand, animal protein foods such as fish and meat do not contain much dietary fiber.

In recent years, the dietary fiber intake of world has been decreasing and tends to be insufficient. Dietary fiber is not a nutrient necessary for life, but it is a nutritional component that you want to actively take because it is useful for building a healthy body.

3. Plant-based protein foods are kind to the earth

Vegetable protein foods are ecological compared to animal protein foods.

Raising livestock such as cows and pigs requires a large amount of land and water, and also generates a large amount of excrement. Water pollution and foul odors caused by large amounts of excrement are a problem. In addition, the burps emitted by cows contain methane, a greenhouse gas, which can contribute to global warming.

Our Freeze Dried Tofu are made with thick soy milk and contains high plant based Protein. And we believe we are contributing saving world!

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